Welcome to Woof Woof Season VII !

When it comes to safety on board, we don't make any compromises. Sometimes we may have to play the role and remind one, that health, safety, and security is foremost.

My captain and crew have over 50 years experience in handling shipping boats of various sizes in North and South Goa.

For communication we have a VHS radio receiver-satellite navigation and telephones.

Our Safety equipment includes life jackets, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers, depth reader, and an emergency craft with an outboard motor engine tied and towed behind us.

My crew are also certified Water Sports lifeguards, with internationally valid licenses. Their training covers motor ship handling and life-saving techniques like First-Aid and CPR. First-Aid kits are carried on board at all times.

Woof Woof has the right to refuse any Woofers at the time of boarding if we deem the individual medically unfit.

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