Welcome to Woof Woof Season VII !

What happens on Woof Woof stays on Woof Woof.


It's all about the dancing! Our sound setup packs a wicked punch. It's been specially designed keeping in mind the acoustics out on the water. You determine the volume and the genre. The onboard Woof tunes range from blues to ambient, chillout to opera and sufi to global beats. We have an eclectic music selection and we can hire and bring DJs on board on request. You can bring and play your own music too. Our favourite sounds are happy and groovy, psychedelic, techno and electronica. See you on the deck!


Go fishing! If you like to fish, hop aboard and try your hand and lets see what you catch. We carry basic equipment and also have a fish finder on board.


Your party will be truly unique! We customize all events. The more adventurous the better. Let us know what you want and we will create the experience for you. This can vary from DJs, chefs cooking live on another boat, having a jet ski to play with or kite surfing out on the ocean. You want us to design your special events: invitations, decorations, flower arrangements...think of it and we will plan it! Concierge services available on special requests.


Swim, float or suntan! We encourage you to swim when we are out at sea, with personal lifeguard floats we provide that are strapped to you. Think of them as your very own water pillows! We also have an inflatable water mattress and a sundeck above our little cabin to work on your tan in complete privacy.

Woof Woof

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