Angling in Goa!

The landscape of the Goan beaches to our delight is littered with fisherman and fishing boats. Fishing remains the main coastal business and is very much part of the staple diet of the locals. The 110 kilometers of coastline and nine rivers provide a place plenty in hunt for fishing devotees in Goa. Woof woof offers an all-inclusive experience with top-notch knowledge for the angling enthusiast. Out kit includes: Licensed, Government certified, insured boats, rods and baits (local fisherman use mostly sardines and shrimps), expertise on the water, and a delicious picnic basket with beers, sandwiches and chips. We have thought of everything, so that all you need to do is enjoy your fishing trip in a beautiful part of Goa.

Surrounded by an avid fishing community, woof woof offers all the secrets needed to ensure a successful fishing expedition. If you would like to experience fishing with a local fisherman who’s trade has been passed on from his father, grand-father, we are happy to arrange that. The varieties of fish on the coastal belt are: Threadfin Salmons, Tuna, Bonitos, Perch, Reef Cod, Barracudas, King Mackerels, Red Snappers, Groupers, Barramundi, Wahoo, Dorado, Croakers, Trevally and more. It’s an exciting adventure, a great way to explore the western coastlines of India, see the hidden and enjoy the bounty of the sea as a sport or otherwise.

WOOF 2 & 3

5AM – 7PM
  • Go fishing along the coastaline of Goa or on the river. We will help you find the right spots.
  • Rs 6000 per boat per hour for up to 2 guests with all fishing equipment included.

Rs 8000 per boat per hour for up to 2 guests with equipment and lunch & beers included.

Maximum weight capacity is 280 kilos

Fishing with the best Angler in Goa!

Are you a serious about fishing? Would you like to learn how to fish? No better person then Daniel Moses, the best and coolest Angler in Goa. His fishing trips are legendary. Be prepared to catch Barracuda’s, Trevally, Red Snapper (12 pound or larger), Reef Cod and Grouper. Travel up to his secret location the ‘Mango Jungle Lodge’ at Vijaydurg, Maharashtra around three and half hours from Goa (Mapsua). Traveling north from Goa you’ll drive through the magnificent ‘Alphonso Mango’ country, one of the finest in the world. Amidst Vijaydurg’s unique beauty, Mango Jungle Lodge is built on a hill and can host up to six guests. While there, visit the Vijaydurg Fort and ask Daniel about the famous temple in the area.

All woof guests get a special rate with Daniel, For more information call us on: (+91) 86001 44443

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