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What should I wear for my Wooftrip?
I suggest you wear cool, airy clothes and carry a stole or light jacket. Comfortable flip flops, slippers, or rubber shoes. No boots or high heels PLEASE. A cap or hat, towels, swimwear and don't forget your sunblock or suntan oil!

Are children allowed on board?
We love children and children love the boat. Infants are also welcome.

What's the boarding procedure, and how long does it take us to head into the sea from the river?
We have a special motorboat that brings you on board from the river banks. Time taken is 10 minutes to board and once we move around 7 minutes to reach the sea.

What if I need to bathe after my swim?
Fresh water showers are available on board.

Is there a toilet on board?
We have a fully equipped modern loo on board.

What if I get seasick?
River trips - no sickness at all.
Sea trips - our trips have shown few people may experience mild forms of sickness. However, if someone does feel a little queasy we have anti-seasick pills on board that help. The pill takes 30 minutes to have its effect. We advise our friends to take this pill before the trip commences if they feel they might need it.

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