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When you keep going back for the food, atmosphere and people. Oct 28, 2017

Once we have our unmet consumer need, and a way our brand can credibly help to solve it, we can point to the correct way forward. We understand the consumer and the reality of their experiences. We understand ourselves, the category we play in, and how we can be distinct by breaking the norms to offer real, distinctive value.

Then it becomes all about the Glory.

Glory comes from glorious, engaging, brilliant executions that authentically remind your consumers why your Fame Point isn’t just talk – it’s your authentic and honest reason to exist.

Because none of this will work if we just talk the talk, and don’t walk the walk.

We need every brand touchpoint to be working hard – through continuous glorious, executions – to land that Fame Point over, and over, and over again.

Longevity and repetition are two of the hardest-to-use tools in a marketers toolbox, but also the most effective.

Nike has used ‘Just do it’ since 1988. M&Ms have been using ‘melts in your mouth,not in your hands’ since 1954. Do young people love Nike and M&Ms? Surely a lot of them do. But these brands are famous to everyone, and that is what we should all be striving for.

One of my favourite superfoods in Goa.